Safety equipments to work with a chainsaw !

Want to know how to start your chainsaw? How to properly tension the chain of your chainsaw? We show you how to do, step by step, with many illustrations. And you will be able to print all this information so you always have it at your fingertips when you use your machine.

What safety equipment to work with a chainsaw?

How to protect yourself when using a chainsaw? Of course, your best chainsaw is equipped with safety devices specially developed to protect the woodcutter. But it is still necessary to adopt a suitable fit for the handling of this tool, for even more protection: this equipment, mandatory for the professionals (one speaks of PPE, Equipment of Individual Protection) will bring you more serenity and a security Increased during your work session.

It is therefore advisable, with everything, to:

• Equip yourself with protective clothing and accessories to work safely.
• read the operating instructions for your chainsaw.

When using a chainsaw, protect yourself! Avoid massacre … Think of wearing a facial protection and hearing protection. A visor and an anti-noise headband will do the trick.

Which security equipment should be provided? Put on non-slip leather gloves, heavy lifting and other handling.
Which security equipment should be provided? Protect your legs with anti-cuts pants and your feet with anti-clog and anti-slip safety shoes.

How to properly mount guide and chainsaw chain?
For proper mounting of the chain guide and chain How to assemble a chain saw?
If the professionals can carry out the assembly of the chainsaw chain, please note that your dealer is at your disposal and can do this for you: this is one of the advantages of the dealer network!

If you want to assemble the cutting device of your saw, you have all the necessary parts. Be sure to wear safety gloves, and follow the steps below, which vary depending on your chainsaw model: quick chain, side chain, or front chain tensioner. Assembly of a cutting device (guide and chain) with a quick chain tensionerMounting of a cutting device (guide and chain) with a quick chain tensionerMounting of a cutting device (guide and chain) with side chain tensioner Mounting of a cutting device (guide and chain) with a side chain tensioner STIHLMounting of a cutting device with a front chain tensioner STIHLMounting of a cutting device with a front chain tensioner STIHL
How to sharpen your chainsaw chain?
The cutting performance of a chainsaw depends not only on the quality and power of the chainsaw motor, but also on the choice of the correct cutting device and its condition.

A sharp, well-maintained chain makes it easy to work. It guarantees a longer life of the entire chaining device consisting of chain, chain guide and pinion.

What protection is there when working with chainsaw?

To ensure optimum safety when handling a chain saw, it is essential to start with suitable clothing: your outfit should not interfere with your movements. Never wear loose clothing that can get caught in branches or brush and even less scarves, scarves, ties and jewelry. Similarly, you must tie your hair.

It is possible to protect yourself further with the so-called PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). This precaution, which is compulsory for professionals, must also apply to the individual who uses his chainsaw more on a more punctual basis. Thus, it is strongly advised to adopt: Head Protection Head Protection The wearing of the helmet will protect you from any impact to the head.

Ear plugs and ear protectors will give you hearing protection and a real plus in terms of comfort, especially if you use a chainsaw.

Protection of the face In case of projection, it is necessary to wear at least protective glasses, or even a visor, which covers the entire face.

Protection of hands In the front line when handling a chain saw, hands must be protected by wearing anti-slip leather gloves.

Leg protection: An anti-cushion suit or pants is made of a special fabric, the fibers of which, when in contact with the chain, fray without cutting and block the rotation of the chain before the fabric is torn .
Foot Protection Foot Protection

Safety shoes with hooks, studded soles and steel hulls.
Note :
Nevertheless, always bear in mind that protective clothing is not enough! No protective clothing protects 100%. It is therefore essential to follow the technical advice and safety instructions in the operating instructions of your machine before starting to cut.

Choose an elliptical machineto suit your needs !

Rather large beginner or confirmed sportsman? The best elliptical machine is chosen according to your sporting abilities and your goals.

For a smooth recovery

You are looking for a gentle muscular strengthening, as part of a rehabilitation program or after a childbirth, for example: you will have to prefer the comfort of your device to the detriment of its performance. You will not have the same needs as a seasoned athlete and some programs offered by the best performing elliptical trainers will not necessarily meet your needs.

Thus, the weight of the inertia wheel will be important, as will the wheelbase of your equipment. Indeed, the longer the wheelbase and the more stable your bike. A bike with a rudimentary comfort will tend to quickly play on the pedals and arms so that you could quickly demotivate you. Do not skimp on technical details of your device.

For targeted cardio-respiratory work.

If you’re looking to achieve cardio-respiratory, endurance or muscle strength goals, you’ll need to be aware of the technical strengths of your bike. Thus, functions that may seem to be addictive to beginners will be important in your training. For example, the multi-position fixed handlebar, to target the work of certain muscle groups or the presence of advanced training programs that will allow you to push your limits for more performance.

The best elliptical machines for beginner

Reliable and intuitive, the Quick BH Fitness elliptical machineis a powerful ally to familiarize yourself with the technique of this cardiofitness equipment, sitting after the session.

Its equipment level coupled with a very competitive price make it our favorite device to discover the elliptical machineat home safely.

Combining the power of equipment and connected training, the elliptical machineSkylon 3 by Kettler and ideally designed for regular use.

Its value for money will answer perfectly the needs of the sportsmen who wish to invest in a good quality apparatus which will know how to keep the distance to accompany you in all your cardio objectives.

Tips for a successful elliptical bike session

Before the session:

All you have to do is put on your sportswear and choose your training program before starting your exercise.

We also advise you to hydrate before exercise. Do not wait to feel the thirst to drink, it would be already too late to catch the consequences on your performance. The more dehydrated you are, the more difficult it will be to complete your workout safely.

During the session:

Organize your sessions into three distinct parts.

– warm-up, not to neglect to avoid injuries and prepare the body smoothly to exercise,

– Exercise in itself, it can consist of an alternation between phases more or less intense, according to your objectives,

– return to calm, plan a 5 minute phase at very low intensity to allow your body to return to a normal rhythm, without stress.

We strongly advise you to practice your favorite music. In addition to motivating you in the rhythm of your session, it will allow you to relax, to make you forget the effort and to multiply your performances without you realize it.

Since water loss is important during exercise, consider hydrating well throughout the exercise to compensate for the effects of sweating.

After the effort:

Book 5 to 10 minutes of post-exercise stretching. This habit to take will allow you to limit the muscle aches giving your muscles their initial shape and your joints to regain their original mobility.

In order not to rush your body and allow your muscles to recover well, we advise you to space your sessions at least 24 hours.

Some precautions to take for an elliptical bike session:

Regardless of the sporting activity you would like to practice, we strongly advise you to contact your doctor for professional medical advice in order to avoid injury. This recommendation is all the more valuable if you get back to the sport after a long period of rest or if you are totally new.